What We Believe

We believe the key to academic success is personal attention, small class size, and a nurturing, structured environment that does not allow a student to slip through the cracks.

We believe children learn best in a nurturing environment when they are exposed to positive examples. We strive to lead by example, emphasizing kindness, caring, judgment, self worth and respect for others. We believe the influence of one person at a key moment in a student’s life can make all the difference in helping to change their life for the better.

We believe that children do not grow up to be responsible and successful citizens by accident. They require example, mentoring, fellowship and the opportunity to try and to succeed. This requires time, training, guidance, hard work and intelligence, in addition to quality facilities, equipment, and organizations.

Our philosophy is based on the following three underlying beliefs:

  • Students are inherently good and want to succeed
  • Every student is capable of success
  • Once a student tastes success, he or she will want more

Accordingly, our mission is to bring together into a unified whole all of the resources necessary to create an environment that provides opportunity for optimal learning and student achievement to guide our students toward responsible citizenship and future career success. We strive to set an example of kindness, caring, good judgment, and mutual respect. Our faculty, coaches, and mentors seek to identify each student’s strengths, and strive to build upon them consistently over time.

Through a combination of structure and support, established rules and well-defined expectations, quality programming and facilities, all working together to create opportunity for success, we believe students that previously chose failure can be motivated to reach for achievement.