What We Offer

If you are looking for a private academy and boarding school that can provide self-discipline, confidence, motivation, and more success in life, EFCA  is the place.

EFCA provides traditional college preparatory academics, complimented by a full roster of extracurricular and campus activities that can be customized to meet the needs of each student—including interscholastic sports, intramural athletic programs and leagues, recreational programs, social clubs, and student government. Private tutoring and specialized programs for gifted, learning disabled, elite athletics, and fitness and weight management are also available. Individualized attention is ensured by matching students with academic, athletic, and residential mentors.

EFCA provides a well-rounded, structured, and unified learning and living experience with defined expectations emphasizing personal responsibility and accomplishment, attention to homework, proper dress code, punctuality, and fulfillment of commitments and obligations. At the same time, boarding students also experience some of the freedoms of college as they live in dorm rooms and learn the independence necessary for college success. Students are given further opportunity to develop physically and socially, and gain independence and self-confidence, through participation in organized athletics, clubs, recreation, campus work, and charitable or religious endeavors.

EFCA’s specialty is the use of sports, athletic, and fitness programs to provide structure, motivation, and opportunity for success as a way to build self-esteem and physical well being. EFCA offers a full range of organized athletic programs at all levels of capability—from basic beginner to advanced elite—in addition to weight management programs.