Our Agencies

Christian Boarding is our housing facility.  We work with many agencies and partner with a few.  The agencies we partner with help place students in our academy.  The agencies communicate information about our academy to the perspective parents in their home country.  We are a private Christian academy that focuses on college bound students.  Our potential students are required to have letters of reccommendations from two of their teachers, transcript, English proficiency exam, and then they can interview with our housign director, Phil Gernovich.  Once everything is completed, our admissions committee reviews the information for acceptance.

Once Accepted

Our agencies help the incoming students for their new educational experience.  They facilitate communication to the parents and academy.  Once a student is accepted to our academy, our agencies help with the visa process, flight schedules, immunizations, insurance, etc.


Once a student arrives on campus, the work has just begun.  All of our communication to parents go through our agencies.  We desire that every student is successful.  We partner together to offer educational trips, tutoring, and any other help that our students need in order to help our boarding students.

We partner with the following agencies:

The Cambridge Institute China and Korea
New Generation Vietnam
ISEE Vietnam
I.E.S. International Thailand
Educatious European countries