Admissions Policy

1. Students and parents in grades 9-12 are expected to have made a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

2. Students and parents are members or actively involved in a Bible-teaching church whose doctrinal position supports the EFCA Statement of Faith.

3. Students have maintained at least a “C” average (2.0 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 system) during the most recent academic year and grading period.

4. Students have demonstrated on a standardized test that they are adequately prepared to achieve well in high school.

5. Students have a satisfactory citizenship record in the school they are presently attending.

6. Students must have a desire to attend EFCA and are willing to comply with the school’s standards as printed in the handbook.

7. All applicants must provide reference forms from the student’s church and a current teacher.

8. All applicants must show documented proof of required immunization, previous academic records and standardized tests before acceptance can be granted.

9. The final step for acceptance will come after a completed application and related documents are received, testing is completed for grades nine-eleven, and an interview has been held. After all of the steps are completed, the admissions committee can make the final determination for acceptance.

10. Enrollment after August 1:

  • Enrollment applications will be received at any time, however, at the end of the second week in August the admissions process will be closed for further interviews.
  • Interviews will resume the week after Labor Day if there are class openings at the requested grade level.
  • The first week of January will be the last week for interviews for new students for the present school year. Interviews will be closed until new enrollment applications begin in the spring. Any missionary families who apply after January 1st will be evaluated on an individual basis for enrollment.

Download Your Application

Download Your Application