Step 2

Choose a Program: Full-time Daycare or Part-time Pre-K?

Full-time Daycare is offered Monday – Friday from 6:30am – 6pm. (year-round)

Prices are as follows:

Infants (6 weeks – approx.1 year)           $215.00 per wk.
Young Toddlers (approx. 12 – 24 m)      $195.00 per wk.
Older Toddlers (approx. 24 – 36 m)        $190.00 per wk.
Daycare 3 (approx. 36 – 48 m)                 $180.00 per wk.
Daycare 4 (approx. 48 – 60m)                  $180.00 per wk.

Daycare 3 and 4 are also part of the Dept. of Ed. Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 for no additional cost.
Erie First does not offer part time daycare programs at this time.

Erie First accepts CCIS
Please contact the CCIS Office regarding further information on financial assistance for daycare.
(CCIS Information Below)

CCIS of Erie County 155 West 8th Street, Suite 316
Erie, PA 16501-1043
Phone: (814) 451-6580 or (814) 451-6683
Toll Free Phone: 1-877-288-2022
Fax: (814) 451-6550

Part-time Pre-K Programs
Our Pre-K 3 & 4 programs at Erie First are recognized under the PA Dept. of Education.  Both programs are offered during the school year from 8:30 – 11:30am.

Pre-K 3 is offered T / TH to students turning 3 by Sept. 1 and costs $900 per year
Pre-K 4 is offered M / W / F to students turning 4 by Sept. 1 and costs $1,350 per year
Pre-K 4 is also offered M – F to students turning 4 by Sept 1 and costs $2,220 per year
Pre-K 4 offers an “Extended Day” (until 1:30pm) once a month for an extra fee

Pre-K Programs should be paid according to one of the following options:

  • A one-time payment due on or before July 1
    Two equal payments due on or before July 1 and December 1
  • Monthly payments made through FACTS Tuition Management System


Payment Requirements:

  • All payments are due in advance of service
  • Delinquent accounts are subject to a weekly 10% late fee until current
  • Accounts more than 2 weeks in arrears may be subject to dismissal


Payment Methods:

Check or Money Order (no cash, please)
On-line banking payments should be sent to:


Erie First Early Ed. Center
c/o Finance Office
8150 Oliver Road
Erie, PA   16509

*Please write your child’s name in the memo line along with intended dates.

A complete listing of our financial policies can be found in the EFEEC Parent Handbook in the “Parent’s Corner”.