First experiences have a very important effect on a child’s future. That’s why carefully selected caregivers are so important to a baby’s growth and development. The growth of a infant’s brain is affected by the care and experiences their environment provides. Loving attention helps new brain cells connect in ways that help infants:

  • Feel secure and confident
  • Make sense of new ideas and information
  • Grow healthy bodies Infants learn through their senses. All learning takes place through experiences and involves exploration. Babies, like other children, learn best from doing things themselves rather than from watching other people. As babies experience a rich environment at EFEEC, they begin to build ideas about the world. With each new experience these ideas are modified. This give-and-take between existing ideas and new experiences is how all learning takes place. There are several milestones in the first year that tell us that infants are learning just as they should. Our staff uses a parent-submitted schedule when caring for individual infants.
  • The first year in a baby’s life is a time of incredible learning. During this period, babies learn to respond to the important events in their world. They begin to make their wants and needs known. They begin to imitate the activities of those around them. They begin language development. At Erie First Early Education Center, you can trust us with not only the care, but also the developmental learning of your precious child. In our infant class, we provide a low child-staff ratio of no less than one staff member for every four infants.
  • Infants are born with instincts that allow them to survive in the new world beyond the womb. Almost immediately after birth, they begin to learn new skills and behaviors that let them live successfully in their new world. They continue to learn throughout infancy. In a matter of months, babies go from a bundle of reflexes to complex people who can communicate, get what they need in the world, and develop relationships.