Older Toddlers

Two and three year old children are naturally curious.  Our program at EFEEC is designed to stimulate curiosity through the five senses.  Children love to touch, smell, taste, hear, and see.  When your child uses their hands, eyes, nose, ears, and mouth to explore an item, they gather more information and remember what they learn.

They love to explore their environment.  In the housekeeping area we provide props to encourage pretend play.  This allows the children to explore the roles and activities of the important people in their lives.  By offering new activities and socializing with their friends the children’s language often develops very rapidly during this time.

Our classrooms provide a safe, healthy environment that contains a variety of toys and materials that are stimulating to a young child. Children need to be free to move around, explore, and experiment.

We encourage your child to become a budding artist by providing an assortment of art materials.  They love to finger-paint, draw, color, and paint using different size objects.  Our children learn from a variety of art experiences that provide positive, satisfying experiences.

Children are learning creatively on a continual basis and we allow them to be involved with the process instead of being concerned about what the product will be.  For instance, practice pouring water or rice between pitchers.  They may want to string or unstring beads.  Our teachers like to work with your child to encourage them to try new activities. They begin to transform objects into symbols such as a simple block becomes a truck and we encourage the children to use their imaginations.

It is sometimes difficult for children this age to express their feelings.  Our teachers acknowledge and accept the children’s feelings and give them comfort and support by listening and letting them cuddle in our laps when they need someone to care or listen.  We want to provide a loving and secure environment for your child to grow.

It is important to respond to a child’s needs immediately and appropriately.  In our older toddler class, we provide a low student-staff ratio of no less than one staff member for every six children.

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