Part-time Pre-K

At Erie First Early Ed. Center, our Pre-K program is recognized by, and falls under the authority of, the PA Department of Education.  We use a thematic approach to our Pre-K program utilizing direct instruction, learning centers, along with large and fine motor self-select play opportunities.

Our direct instruction includes circle time where we sing and do traditional (as well as contemporary) rhymes and songs to foster phonemic awareness, as well as stories and activities that encourage pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

As a part of our comprehensive Pre-K curriculum, we use 3 different “textbooks” to cover our 5 domains of learning:  cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

  • Our Bible text (ACSI) is an important part of our program. The children are taught Bible stories that they then discuss, act out, complete related coloring or activity pages, or participate in a related Bible craft.
  • We also use a “Writing Activities” workbook (BJU Press) where students are taken from “drawing” straight and curved lines to the correct formation of each letter and number.
  • Our 3rd workbook is an “Activity” book (BJU Press) which incorporates supplemental thematic and fine motor activities like cutting with scissors, lacing, tracing, etc…in a seasonal and thematic format.
  • Optional “homework” is sometimes given from these books as well! J (The kids love homework!)

Learning Centers are a daily highlight where the students are exploring math, language, science, and social studies concepts on an age and developmental level.  These are done independently as well as in small groups and seek to foster the socio-emotional connection between peers and that relationship between child and teacher.  However, they are so much fun, the kids think they are just playing!

Gross motor development is another important part of our program.  We have been blessed with three completely different large motor areas in which our children are able to run, play, and explore. We want them playing in each area as much as possible, because they play different games and use different large muscles depending on the environment.

  • We have an outdoor playground
  • We have an indoor play land (similar to Mac Donald’s)
  • We have a full-size gymnasium

In addition to the above, the self-select activities that the children are able to choose from include sand and water tables, art and craft areas, along with lots and lots of trucks, blocks, and dramatic play things like dress up clothes and a housekeeping area.

In our Pre-K classes, we provide low student-staff ratio of no less than one staff member for every ten preschool children.

Click here for a Sample EFEEC Part-time Pre-K Daily Schedule

Click here for a Sample EFEEC Part-time Pre-K Lesson Plan