Our Story

Erie First Early Education Center (EFEEC) is a division of the non-denominational Erie First Christian Academy, under the umbrella of the Erie First Assembly of God Church.  Located on 44 acres in a 100,000+ square foot building, it sits near the intersection of Interstate 90 and Peach Street.  In addition to classrooms and a chapel, our facility includes a library, a gymnasium, an indoor play land, and a 2,000 seat sanctuary/auditorium.   EFEEC is in a suburban area of Erie, (Summit) Pennsylvania and it serves children in the immediate geographical region of Erie and Erie County.

The decision to found Erie First Christian Academy was made in 1992 and the doors were opened for 3 & 4 year old preschool classes and Kindergarten in 1993.  In each succeeding year, one grade was added to the Academy.   As the need for childcare grew within this geographical area, the program was extended to include a child-care component.  There is now often a waiting list for entrance into daycare, especially with very young children at the infant and toddler ages.

EFEEC exists to support parents in raising and training their children to glorify God and serve the world.  Our philosophy encourages home, school, and church working in partnership together.