At EFEEC, we believe early childhood education is our opportunity to encourage a love of learning that prepares each child for years of success in school. It is our belief that learning is fun and should be fun. A child who is taught to have that attitude throughout their early learning experience will hopefully carry it with them through their future years of education.

We believe in developmentally appropriate practice, which means simply that educators need to think first about the developmental needs of the child and then create an environment. The environment is prepared in such a way that as your child interacts within it, he or she is prompted toward sensory experiences, experimentation, and arrival at conceptual conclusions.

Included with the creation of environment, we also believe in the power of play. Children at play are actively involved in creating themes, exploring, and establishing environments, solving problems, and developing shared ideas. Active learning takes advantage of children’s natural desire to move and touch. We organize classroom environments to promote active learning in which children use all their senses to make discoveries.

Our children thrive when they have opportunities every day to make choices in their learning. Children use materials and equipment in far more creative and innovative ways than we could ever plan and they use the materials in ways that meet their own developmental needs.

Young children tend to be more involved with the process than they are with the end product or result. That is why in addition to craft projects, we have paper, scissors, paint, markers, glue, and a variety of other materials to choose from available in our classrooms. Our art projects focus upon the process the child chooses rather than solely the end result.

We believe the outdoor environment is an extension of the classroom. Daily, outdoor play is a relaxing, stress-reducing, tension relieving part of the day, and a time when development and learning take place alone or cooperatively with friends.

Our staff believes that each family brings to the program their values, language, diversity, and traditional customs.  We, therefore, recognize the importance of forming a partnership with parents to create a positive experience for all children. Parent participation in the classroom and at extra programs provides opportunities for parents to observe their child’s behavior in a formal learning environment and supports continued learning in the home.

At Erie First Early Education Center, our goal is to help children gain confidence, positive self-esteem, and a love for learning. We believe that by providing a loving, nurturing environment focused on character development, children will develop to become confident, contributing individuals in their homes and communities.