Our teachers know that learning begins at birth. We also know that the relationships, environments, and the opportunities for learning are key factors in a child’s healthy development. The brain is rapidly developing during the first five years of life and it is imperative that children are engaged in loving, trusting relationships; in safe, peaceful and stimulating environments and receiving good nutrition in order for the brain’s infrastructure to make the connections. These factors are essential to school readiness and lifelong success.

Knowing this, we take each child’s care and education very seriously.  Our teachers at EFEEC view it not only as a true blessing, but also as an awesome responsibility.

Research shows that the quality of a child’s future depends on the quality of caregiving in the first five years. First-rate early learning programs that are safe, healthy, stimulating, organized, and, most importantly, led by well-trained teachers, help children enter Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.

Our teachers at Erie First recognize that young children are active learners.  The curriculum engages children actively in the learning process, provides a variety of developmentally appropriate learning experiences, and encourages children to pursue their own interests.Our teachers are believers who are encouraged to daily represent Christ in all they do, say, and teach.

Our staff is experienced in working with children and our teachers have an average of approx. 17 years experience in childcare &/or education.  Each child is perceived as an individual and the teaching is aimed toward the diverse levels of understanding and maturity within the group.

Although about half of our teaching staff have Bachelor’s &/or Master’s Degrees, our teachers continue to further their professional educational development by attending trainings, conferences and workshops for early childhood educators.  Each member of our teaching staff meets and exceeds the training hours and licensing standards as defined by the State of Pennsylvania.

The children are introduced to music, art, stories, and pre-academics through group and independent developmentally appropriate activities.  Emphasis is placed on developing a positive self-concept and the refinement of fine and gross motor skills, social skills, language development, and spiritual and character formation.

Our teachers’ observations of your child are documented and these observations help the teacher individualize the curriculum to meet the needs of your child.  Parent/Teacher conferences are offered at least twice a year and at other times, as needed, to discuss children’s progress, accomplishments, or concerns at home and at the program.

Study after study shows the single most important factor determining the quality of the education a child receives is the quality of his teacher. We believe that our teachers at Erie First Early Education Center strive to bring the best of high-quality care and learning into each of our classrooms.