Communication and Involvement

At Erie First Early Education Center we recognize our parents as the most important adults in their child’s life.  We strive to create a partnership built on mutual respect between parents and teachers.  We encourage daily communication between parents and center staff.  Parents are welcome in the program at all times and are welcome to invite friends and family to monthly sing-alongs and special public programs. If you need to speak with the office and it is before or after office hours, please feel free to use the Director’s cell number.

Our teachers would like to work together with the families, establishing and maintaining two-way communication with children’s parents to build trust and mutual understanding, and to ensure that children’s learning and developmental needs are met. Daycare families will receive a “Daily Sheet” which documents your child’s activities and important facts of the day.  This is a written report of food intake, elimination, sleeping patterns, general behavior and special happenings during your child’s day.  If you have questions about anything written on your child’s “Daily Sheet”, please speak with your child’s teacher.

Parent’s attitudes and involvement play a big role in your child’s education.  You are encouraged to communicate with the staff in any way that will enhance the progress of your child.  However, we ask our parents to please be sensitive to communicating about a child (other than their own) within hearing of other parents &/or children.  We request that this type of communication be addressed through written means and cc’d or shared with the Director.

We encourage our parents to schedule a visit with your child’s classroom to discuss any hobbies, occupations, holidays, or cultural backgrounds. Parents are also encouraged to help in the classrooms during special events or on Pre-K field trips.  Our teachers post their classroom activities and lesson plans outside their classroom, so you may discuss with your child what learning activities they were engaged in during the day.  Please feel free to extend these activities at home for the enjoyment and benefit of your child.

We encourage you to “LIKE” us on Facebook to receive notification of up-coming events. Special notices are occasionally posted on the front entrance door and periodic newsletters and/or memos may also be sent home to keep parents regularly informed of program plans.  Your child’s “Daily Sheet” and possibly other papers or these notices will go home in your child’s “Communication Folder”.  Please use and review this folder on a daily basis.  We also ask that you check your child’s cubby daily since important information or items may be placed there. We ask that you take all papers with you when you come to pick up your child.  Our expectation is for effective 2-way communication.

Parental involvement is necessary to continuing success of the program.  We welcome and invite your suggestions and participation in events and activities.

To help individualize our program, we document developmental observations of your child and send home reports approx. every 6 months. We use this information to offer activities to allow each child to grow and progress to meet their full potential. Parent/Teacher conferences are offered at least twice a year and at other times, as needed, to discuss children’s progress, accomplishments, or concerns at home and at the program. The center or a parent may request a conference at any other time throughout the year.

At EFEEC do our best to provide your child with a safe physical environment and an atmosphere where he or she can feel both secure and free to grow at his or her own pace under our love and guidance.  You can help us achieve these goals by giving the Director your comments & suggestions. Parent surveys (both fall and spring) will be distributed to obtain information from our parents so we may continually strive to improve the center’s program.  We value your feedback.