Safety and Security

At Erie First Early Education Center, we take the safety and security of our little ones very seriously.  When you arrive at our campus, you will find all of our outside doors locked.  Daycare parents receive a unique code to allow them access to the building.  Visitors must be “buzzed” into the building.  The Academy receptionist monitors the flow of traffic and checks in all guests.  However, because our facility houses a K-12 Christian Academy and a large church, we have a second layer of protection for our Early Ed. Center.  To enter the self-enclosed and locked early ed. center, parents must enter a second coded door.

In addition to our locked and coded doors, we have cameras at each entrance and exit, covering all doors, and within each classroom.  These cameras monitor daily activities, and are available for real-time viewing of our parents on a large screen in our Center lobby.  The camera feed is also available on continual view in the Director’s office.

Although we hope there is never a safety-related incident at our school, our administration and staff believe that education and training in these areas can only benefit our children.  We not only observe the PA state-mandated fire drills every 60 days, we also go above that in practicing “lock-down” drills every 60 days as well.  The children even periodically practice “severe weather” drills. However, with the exception of fire drills, they don’t always realize they are part of a “drill”.  We handle these in such a way that the students are moved to the most secure location, but end up having a quiet “story time”, or another non-threatening activity with their friends.  We want these drills to become part of their routine.

We also facilitate age-appropriate safety training by community professionals such as fire safety “Don’t hide – run outside!” (not being afraid of a fully dressed fire fighter), “Stranger Danger” and “Good Touch / Bad Touch”.  Parents, as always, are welcome to these community presentations as well.

Regular safety walk-throughs are implemented, and monitoring reports are submitted to the Board for approval and verification.  Your child’s safety and security is of utmost importance to us at EFEEC.  Please know we will do everything within our power to ensure their well-being.